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I’m a Chinese Canadian travel writer and I enjoy bringing the travel community together to talk about stories of places and people. It’s been such a fantastic way to connect with people from all over. During the pandemic, travel halted. As restrictions lift and we can travel again, I’m reminded of a New York Times travel author who shared this: “The pandemic can stop our travel plans but not our travel dreams.

“Why stories? Stories activate our emotional and social connections. We see ourselves in other people’s experiences which creates common bonds. Stories bring us together.Check out my latest blog: “Stories bring us together…”

Next event? I’ll host a Postcard Series with travelers to share pictures of past trips that have inspired us. Join us on XXX date.

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THE SAME SKY is about how after my relationship crumbled, I left for Asia with just a journal, camera and clothes. Brokenhearted and needing to escape, I embarked on a three-month journey to Tibet, Laos and Cambodia. Along the way, as I navigated the difficulties of traveling alone, met new people and heard their moving stories of loss and resilience, I slowly began to recover my independence and learned to have faith in myself to overcome the hardships of life.