About The Same Sky

THE SAME SKY is about how after my relationship crumbled, I left for Asia with just a journal, camera and clothes. Brokenhearted and needing to escape, I embarked on a three-month journey to Tibet, Laos and Cambodia. Along the way, as I navigated the difficulties of traveling alone, met new people and heard their moving stories of loss and resilience, I slowly began to recover my independence and learned to have faith in myself to overcome the hardships of life.

After many cups of teas, hours of conversations and lots of smiles, the locals shared stories of love, grief and the struggle for peace. Their stories and small acts of love helped me heal and find the courage to believe in myself again. THE SAME SKY is for anyone who has experienced heartbreak and betrayal, and I hope it will inspire the reader to find strength and peace even at the lowest point of one’s life.

Interesting stories are peppered throughout the book, including:

• Being rescued by a Cambodian woman after I was in a pedicab accident during a terrible storm

• Detained by the Chinese police in Tibet for an expired visa

• Witnessing my friend’s near-death experience near the Mt. Everest base camp

• Drinking butter tea with Tibetan monks who bravely shared their courageous stories to stay alive

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