Full Bio

I am Chinese Canadian and I have been a writer all my life, starting with a pocket-sized journal I kept as a child to writing stories as an adult about my overseas travels. I published my travel memoir THE SAME SKY about my solo journey through, Tibet, Laos and Cambodia. Best of all, I love holding ‘travel events’ called The Same Sky Café to bring like-minded people together to talk about traveling.

Even though this has come to a halt since the pandemic, I still believe that we can dream, share about cultural experiences and be inspired by other people’s stories that can spur us to travel again very soon.

I love to write. And I love to travel. My 2 passions! Probably my favorite region is Asia like Burma and Bhutan which have the most beautiful temples. There’s something thrilling about running my fingers down the hallways of thousand-year-old walls still resplendent with ancient Buddhist images.

Why do I feel compelled to put pen to paper? Writing about heartfelt exchanges with locals and describing the joy in sharing a cup of tea even though we don’t speak the same language really resonate with me. Whether I am in the fruit market in Phnom Penh, or on the Metro in Paris, people-watching is my favorite pastime. Personalities come through in the smallest gestures, whether that’s a glimpse, a smile, or a momentary pause, which I often enjoy writing about. Stories bring those most common interactions to light.

Although I’ve spent the last 25 years living abroad in Japan, China and then New York City, I’ve now recently settled in Vancouver, BC – my home town! I’m enjoying the ocean and mountains with my hubby and 6-year-old daughter. We miss my stepdaughter Prescilla who is studying at Montclair University in New Jersey. When I’m not writing or holding travel events, I work in leadership development at an investment bank.